Length – 4720mm
Longitudinal depth width- 1900mm
The hidden third row seat, 5/6/7 seats options


JETOUR X70 – High appearance, large space, more intelligent, good quality on the whole, the headlamp is closely connected with the grille, and the interior of grille is decorated with chrome-plated strips. The fog light area is dotted with four rectangular LED daytime running lights, three-dimensional design of full LED lights to make life more brilliant.

JETOUR X70, Light your way to the happiness.

  • High safety features- EPB+AUTOHOLD
  • 360° panoramic parking
Sound quality
  • 1.5T+8AT powertrain
  • 36 dB ultra-silent environment, library-like quietness of cabin
High appearance
  • Super-large 20-inch wheel hub and exquisite classic aluminum rim
  • 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel
  • 1.1m2 panoramic sunroof
  • Multi-functional leather steering wheel


  • Over-peer length of 4720mm length
  • Over-peer width of 1900mm, with horizontal space up to 1500mm
  • Hidden third-row seats, allowing flexible adjustment of 5/6/7-seater combinations, with a folding ratio of 4/6
  • Second-row seat with seat back angle adjustment and sliding adjustment
  • Driver’ s seat with 6-way electric adjustment; and front seats with electrical heating function

Premium quality

  • Careland, Valeo, BOSCH and other world-top supplier system
  • 1.5T+8AT powertrain: turbine intervention at 1250 rpm and peak torque at 1750 rpm
  • Engine thermal efficiency up to 37%
  • 36 dB library-level cockpit
  • High-strength cage-type body; multiple-link independent suspension with stabilizer bars
  • Over-peer wheel base of 160/1595mm
  • Improved manuverability and stability


  • Super-large 20-inch wheel hub and exquisite classic aluminum rim
  • 245/45 racing-car low flatness ratio tire
  • 1.1m2 super wide-angle panoramic sunroof
  • Intelligent dynamic ambient light with colors changed with music rhythm
  • JETOUR SD LED lamp group: eagle-eye 3D LED lamp
  • 12.3-inch full-LCD instrument panel (three color variable background)
  • 10.1-inch display supporting three-display linkage including mobile screen
  • Sport multi-function leather steering wheel


  • Grand new 3rd generation PEPS
  • Easy open electric suction stern door
  • High safety factor EPB + AUTOHOLD
  • Electronic micro-motion cruise control
  • LDW, FCW, 360° AVM, BSD and four airbags
  • Bosch 9th-generation ESP with monitoring frequency up to 6,000 times per minute

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  • P.O Box 356 PC 512 Wadi Al Udhaiba Street
  • Way no 244, Al Azaiba Sultanate of Oman.
  • 00968-92943797
  • info@jetour.com.om
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